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CRMS Athletics Schedule 


 Spring Sport Registration is Open!

Baseball, Softball are available to 7th and 8th Graders, Track is available to 6th, 7th and 8th Graders.

Please take note of our required health forms that must be completed prior to beginning any practices with the CRMS team. 

Regarding Track

Track is typically open to students from Hope, Appleton and Lincolnville and we compete as a 5-Town team.  We expect this to be the case again this year.

Regarding Baseball and Softball

  • This year we have one baseball team for 7th and 8th grade. This team will play in Busline League North Divsion.  
  • This year we have two softball teams, divided by grade. Our 7th grade team will play in the Busline League South Division. The 8th grade team will play in the North Division.
  • Practices for pitchers and catchers will begin at some point next week. Practices will likely take place at either 5pm or 6pm and last for one hour.
  • Any student is welcome to attend catcher and pitcher practice if they are interested in learning one of these positions
  • We will begin full team practices the week of April 2 in the CRMS gym. A practice schedule for the two weeks before vacation will be sent out by next week.

Private school students: please see information about enrollment below. 

Track Enrollment

Enrollment for Baseball and Softball is Closed

Wrestling Information
Wrestling is available to all students at CRMS, grades 5-8.  Practices will be Monday through Friday 4:00 to 5:30 starting on January 16th in the CRMS gym.  Meets start on Saturday, February 24th and will be on Saturdays and most Wednesdays through the end of the season on Saturday, March 31st.  CRMS does not provide headgear to students as standard, and team members are expected to have their own wrestling shoes and headgear by the end of the second week of practice.  However, this equipment can be provided by the school if there is a financial need. 

Information for Resident Students enrolled in Private Schools

Resident private school students and students who attend Hope, Appleton and Lincolnville schools may use MSAD #28 facilities and services, including athletic teams if enrollment permits, at the discretion of the Athletic Director. Please Fill out the following form in addition to registration if this applies to your student.
Private/Homeschool Participation Form

IMPORTANT: Health forms

We MUST have the following forms BEFORE students can begin any practice sessions. We do not make any exceptions for this.

Required health forms:

1. The Health History form (needed every year - print this and bring this as an "entry ticket" to the first practice)

Download Health History gk17.pdf

2. An up-to-date physical - this means a report from your physician of one physical dated no earlier than one year prior to beginning at CRMS 

 Physical Form

3. The CRMS concussion policy. Please take a moment to read the policy and sign the bottom of the Health History form indicating that you have read and understand the new policy. You can find the concussion policy on the MSAD 28 website. 

 Athletic Program Webcast/Parent Meeting - **IMPORTANT**

For more information about the goals, rules, expectations and eligibility of our CRMS athletics program, please click below to watch a webcast containing the most important information.  

We use this webcast format in lieu of a parent meeting. At the beginning of the season I will hold a brief team meeting with the coach to explain more about that particular team and season.  We will let you know what time and day the "meet your coach" meeting will be once the season gets closer. Stay tuned!

To access the webcast click here:



If you have any questions about athletics at CRMS, please contact Matt Smith at CRMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click link for FAQ - CRMS Athletics Info



A student can withdraw their name if they decide not to participate in a sport. However, we ask that students only sign up for sports if they have a somewhat firm commitment to playing.

If a student has a conflict with another commitment during the season, we can generally accept a student onto a team. They may have reduced playing time if they cannot attend every practice, but they will be able to participate as much as possible.

Participation by students at private schools/homeschool:

Students from local private schools can usually play on CRMS sports teams if there is space and if they live in Camden or Rockport. However, if sign-up numbers are high, priority is given to CRMS students.

CRMS sports teams are not open to students from Hope, Appleton or Lincolnville unless there are special circumstances, where enrollment is low from the CRMS population AND the sport is not offered at any of the HAL schools.

Students from private schools or HAL must contact the Athletic Director to seek permission to plan on a CRMS sports team before their son/daughter attends practice.



"What is the Sportsline?"

Families new to the Schooners Athletics program may not have heard of the "sportsline" where you can call any time to hear a recorded message listing all that day's practice and game times.

To access the Sportsline, simply call 236-7805 and press option #2.

The sportsline is updated daily - in athletic seasons - by 12:00pm each day.

On days where rain or snow may affect the status of a game, we often have to wait to see what will happen with the weather and contact the opposing Athletic Director to make a decision about the games. Where possible, we try to make the decision before noon. During schooldays, Ms. Pierce or Ms. O'Farrell would be glad to connect you if you request the sportsline when you call the school office at 236-7805.

Contact the Athletic Director

If an issue has arisen that you need assistance with, please contact your team's coach directly, or call Matt Smith, CRMS Athletic Director, at: 236 7805 Ext 2147 or email at

Interscholastic Sports

The interscholastic sports program is designed primarily for students in grades 7 and 8, with a few sports allowing 6th and even 5th graders as well. We have been able to afford a “no cut” policy on school sports teams, at times creating additional teams to accommodate student interest. CRMS has the following interscholastic sports teams:

  • Girls Soccer (grades 7/8)
  • Boys Soccer (7/8)
  • Coed Soccer (two teams serving coed students in grades 6-8 (varies each year))
  • Developmental Coed Soccer (6)
  • Field Hockey (6-8)
  • Coed Cross Country (6-8)
  • Coed Golf (6-8 - we allow 5th graders if there is space)
  • Girls Basketball (7/8)
  • Boys Basketball (7/8)
  • Coed Wrestling (5-8)
  • Coed Track (6-8)
  • Girls Softball (7/8)
  • Boys Baseball (7/8)



Student Injury Form