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Making up Snow Days

Hi folks,

As of today, we have missed 9 days of school this year, 8 of them have been snow days and 1 has been missed due to a threat. If we simply added these to the end of the year, our last day would be Tuesday, June 26. I have a plan in place to make up 3 of these days prior to the end of the school year and therefore will designate Thursday, June 21 as the last student day at the high school. (If we have another snow day, I will have to weigh the options of moving the last day to Friday, a similar solution to those outlined below, or an abbreviated Saturday.)

We will make up the 3 days in the following ways:

1) We will make up 2 days by adding an hour onto the end of the school day during the weeks of March 26 and April 2. That will be the two weeks after this one. It is before sports are in full swing and there are no games. School will still start at 8:00 and it will end at 3:45 instead of 2:45. I apologize in advance for those of you who need to adjust schedules to accomodate this change.

2) We will make up the 3rd day by simply eliminating 1 student day from our calendar. We are in excess of the minimum days required by the state, so we can "afford" to do this. 

For families who have children at CRMS and CRES, please visit their school website for a similar message explaining those changes.

Thank you,

Maria Libby

Superintendent of Schools

Five Town CSD and MSAD #28