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Applied Academics


The APPLIED ACADEMICS Department’s mission is to provide students the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed for:

  • Creative, critical thinking addressing complex, information-based, micro and macro global issues

  • Maintaining safe and productive home and work environments in our community

  • Developing work and career roles, and becoming wise consumers of goods and services

  • Applying basic knowledge within one’s daily life (i.e. reading, writing, listening, speaking and leveraging technology)


The Applied Academics Department offers research and knowledge-based curriculum that respond to, and evolve with, the needs of society.  Applied Academics classes typically provide a project-based learning process: planning, action and reflection, and offer essential skills, relevant to living healthy, responsible, and productive lives. The department is comprised of Business, Family and Consumer Science, Industrial Technology and Visual & Media Technology. These department subject areas service all grade levels and the wide ranging abilities of high school students.

Departmental Outcomes


In 2003, the district created the “Strategic Vision for June 2016”. Part of the vision states,

“We offer diverse learning opportunities in the school facility and the broader community. Our teaching/learning process is consistent with educational research and reflects the needs, interests and abilities of all students.”

The leadership of the Five Towns CSD wants all students at Camden Hills to take risks outside of their comfort zones and to have a broad spectrum of learning experiences. Beyond traditional academics, students need to be able to stretch interests through experiential learning.  Additionally, the department strives to provide a place for students whose niche is in these specific course content areas.

From that concept evolved the combined high school graduation requirement with the Fine Arts Department. Students need three credits from Applied Academics and Fine Arts. One credit must be from Applied Academics and one credit from Fine Arts. The third credit is earned from either of the departments.



Accounting I Accounting II
Advanced Industrial Technology Advanced TV Studio
Advanced Welding Advanced Woodworking
Architectural Drafting/Design I Architectural Drafting/Design II
CADD III Creative Sewing
Culinary & Cultural Studies Developmental Stages of Children
Discovering Foods Economics
Entrepreneurship I Entrepreneurship II
Environmental Influences on Children Exploring Foods
Fabric and Fiber Arts Fabric, Fiber Art & Costuming
Graphic Design Interior Design
Intro to Digital Filmmaking Intro to Industrial Technology I
Personal Auto Care Personal Financial Management
Photoshop: An Introduction Social Media & Emerging Technologies
SUPA: Economic Ideas and Issues SUPA: Web Design and Management
Technical Drafting TV Studio I
Welding Woodworking