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Independent and Directed Study

An Independent Study is largely student-driven, formed around a specific interest, endeavor, or product, and with a clear action plan, with a specific set of learning objectives that are developed by the student. The Independent Study must not replicate an existing CHRHS course. 

By contrast, a Directed Study is an individualized tutorial that replicates an existing CHRHS course. These are only available when a CHRHS teacher elects to provide the opportunity to a student. 
Both Independent and Directed Studies require a "Teacher Sponsor" who is a member of the faculty and who will be responsible for assessing the student's work and assigning a grade. It may also involve an adult mentor, who may be a faculty member or someone outside the school, who will provide guidance to the student and who may be asked to report back to the Teacher Sponsor about the student's progress. Some projects may have more than one adult mentor.

Any CHRHS student may apply for an Independent or Directed Study in an area of interest during the add/drop periods. At other times during the school year, Independent/Directed Study applications are only available to students under special circumstances. Any student who has a compelling reason to arrange an Independent or Directed Study at a time OTHER than a typical add/drop period should have his or her Guidance Counselor contact Mr. Tom Gray, GT Program Coordinator, to make the necessary arrangements. Typically, this type of exception will only be made when a student is at risk of failure to graduate on time without a special arrangement.