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Developmental Stages of Children
Applied Academics

This course focuses on “the early years” of “people making,” when young children are forming “first” relationships, expanding their “life world” and seeking independence. We take a good look at all aspects of development: physical, social-emotional, and intellectual. We learn how “play” makes an essential contribution to early learning.  Developmental Stages of Children is an excellent course for students who appreciate integrative, “hands on” learning and who want to develop skills through “real” life experiences. There is a weekly opportunity to work with 3 – 5 year olds in a preschool lab session. Videotaped feedback is a tool we use to promote understanding. This course will help whether you are interested in professional work that includes children or simply curious about human development.  Expectations: There are shared responsibilities in the planning and delivery of play activities. Attendance is especially important for lab work and will help with the semester project, “Following a Child”.