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Want to make better decisions? Do you wonder how long it would take to double your money in an investment? Want to know what it costs to live on your own? Or are you planning to go to college? Then this is the course for you! Most colleges require freshmen to take economics, and many beginning economics classes are taught in lecture halls with 50 or more students. Set yourself up for success; take economics in high school and get the help and attention you deserve. Why risk missing out on individual instruction? It’s pretty simple, sit in a class of 15 instead of a class of 50 or more for your first time through economics. Take economics in high school! This might just help you get better grades in college too. This course will help you understand and think clearly about topics like scarcity, supply and demand, and cost/benefit analysis. We’ll also look at why people buy things, workers who make things, buying and selling stocks, how an economy grows, what happens that makes money worth less, unemployment, plus a lot of other issues connected to money. As if that wasn’t enough, everybody taking the course gets to play the Maine stock-market simulation game (and maybe win some prizes and cash awards) and be a part of the budget simulation.