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Pre-AP Calculus

This accelerated and in-depth course will give the student a solid grounding in the classes of functions that form the foundations of the study of Calculus.  These include: polynomial, rational, irrational, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions.  A significant portion of the course is devoted to a comprehensive examination of trigonometry.  Arithmetic and Geometric sequences and series are also studied.  The course moves at a quick pace and all previously learned Algebra skills are assumed to be mastered.  Instruction in the use of graphing calculators is embedded in the curriculum and students are expected to have and use one.


Number & Quantity

  • Extend the properties of exponents to rational exponents (CCSS HSN.RN.A)


  • Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials (CCSS HSA.APR.A)
  • Use polynomial identities to solve problems (CCSS HSA.APR.C.4)
  • Rewrite rational expressions (CCSS HSA.APR.D.6)
  • Create equations that describe numbers or relationships (CCSS HSA.CED.A)


  • Build new functions from existing functions (CCSS HSF.BF.B.3,4A)
  • Interpret expressions for functions in terms of the situation they model (CCSS HSF.LE.B)
  • Extend the domain of trigonometric functions using hte unit circle (CCSS HSF.TF.A.1-2)
  • Model periodic phenomenoa with trigonometric functions (CCSS HSF.TF.B.5)
  • Prove and apply trigonometric identities (CCSS HSF.TF.C8) 


  • Experiment with transformations in the plane (CCSS HSG.CO.A)

Statistics & Probability

  • Interpret linear models (CCSS HSS.IC.A)