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AP AB Calculus

Through this college-level Advanced Placement course, a student will, in the words of the College Board website “enter a universe of knowledge that might otherwise remain unexplored in high school; through AP Exams, he or she will have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at most of the nation’s colleges and universities.”  Calculus is the mathematics of dynamic systems.  It is a prerequisite for many courses of study at the post-secondary level.  This course is rigorous and demanding.  Students are expected to be mature, independent learners.  The course curriculum follows the guidelines established for the AP AB Calculus course by the College Board.  All students in this course are expected to take the AP exam.  The use of graphing calculators is embedded in the curriculum and students are  expected to have and use one.


The AP Calculus AB course at Camden Hills follows the College Board course description available here