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Environmental Influences on Children
Applied Academics

How do “super heroes” shape a child? Curious about how different personalities, backgrounds, gender, birth order, life’s changing circumstances, or contemporary role models or pressures affect development? Together we will explore the current understandings about environmental factors that affect everyone’s development, as well as typical patterns of growth.  We will focus on early development since it is the foundation for later experiences. Students will have weekly opportunities to work with 3 to 5 year olds in our unique preschool lab. This popular “hands-on” approach to our class study deepens understanding and builds important life skills like aiding a child’s learning process, setting reasonable limits, and finding new ways to create positive learning environments. Class observations, readings, journaling, and lively discussions on child development topics are all part of this class experience. Whether you are interested in professional work that includes children or curious about what and how experiences affect human development, this course will engage and challenge you.