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Selection Procedure

  • First step: students' academic records are reviewed to determine those persons who are SCHOLASTICALLY ELIGIBLE for membership. The CHRHS By-laws require a grade point average of 93 weighted. You will need to see the Registrar or Ms. Howard or Mrs. Cole-Pardun if you have questions.
  • Students who are eligible scholastically (i.e., "Candidates") may then complete the NHS Student Activity Form and Signature Form. The Student Activities form outlines the candidate's accomplishments in the areas of Service and Leadership. Please limit your responses to a grand total of one page. Help sessions are available for candidates providing assistance in properly filling out their forms. See Mrs. Cole-Pardun or Ms. Howard about these sessions. Care should be taken to follow the established guidelines and time schedule for completing and submitting the forms.
  • NHS Student Activity Information Forms are available on-line via GoogleDocs.  There is a second form (signature form) that needs to be printed- this form is for candidate and parent/guardian signatures, this form must be hand delivered to Mrs. Cole-Pardun (room 224) prior to the deadline.
  • Once a list of eligible candidates is compiled, faculty and staff input requested on a ‘Faculty Evaluation Form'. (The actual selection of members is made by the five appointed members of the Faculty Council.) Point totals from the faculty ratings are not considered as ‘votes' , and are not the sole determinants of membership. The faculty does not vote on individual students, rather they comment on areas of honesty, integrity, reliability, courtesy, citizenship. The  feedback is given to the Faculty Council (who shall remain anonymous) as additional information when considering selections. Input from faculty is confidential. 
  • Faculty Council members deliberate on all the information available: from the faculty feedback; the Activity Information Form; Administrative or school disciplinary records. Members must demonstrate outstanding" principles of leadership, character, and service (commitment to school and community through volunteerism) as shown through their application and teacher feedback. The selection committee of five anonymous faculty members will use the attached rubric for selection purposes. The minimum requirement for induction to National Honor Society is 9 points. The decision of the committee shall be determined by a majority vote and is final. Those candidates receiving a majority vote of the faculty council would be invited to be inducted into the chapter. Those candidates not selected will be able to view their rubric with the advisor of the chapter. This rubric will note criteria not met by the individual candidate listed on their Activity Information Form and feedback to assist the Adviser and Principal in handling inquiries regarding non-selection.
  • Appeals in cases of non-selection: Contact the Chapter Advisors and request a meeting. The Chapter Advisors will explain how decisions regarding the Faculty Councils were made. There are no appeals to the Faculty Councils decision.
  • Appeals may be made to the pricipal for the following infractions.  
    • Absence of a faculty council
    • More/fewer than 5 faculty members serving on the faculty council
    • Principal serving on the faculty council
    • Incorrect scholarship (GPA) requirement, including:
      • Requiring class percentages (e.g. top 10% of the class)
      • Calculating GPA excluding elective courses
      • Using per-course requirements (e.g. “No C’s allowed” or “no grades below….” )
      • Enforcing quarterly or semester average requirements (e.g. score 90 or above for all quarters/semesters)
    • Chapter has no published selection procedure
    • Chapter has no chapter bylaws
    • Improper or automatic dismissal from , and/or lack of due process in dismissal
    • Chapter does not conduct service projects
    • Chapter refuses to accept a transfer member from another chapter

Questions and Answers about the National Honor Society

  1. Isn't NHS just like any other club or activity the High School offers?
    NHS is NOT like other clubs or organizations. This means that you don't apply and automatically become part of the group. There is NO application to NHS. Rather, you complete a Student Activity Information Form that allows the Advisor and Faculty Council to become aware that you are interested in being chosen for membership.
  2. Who is eligible to complete a Student Activity Form?
    Any 11th or 12th grade student who has a weighted GPA of 93 or higher. In the Spring, eligible 10th graders may be considered.
  3. Who rates the eligible students in terms of the characteristics observed within the school?
    After completion of the Activity From, the entire school staff will rate eligible students. The Faculty Council carefully reviews those ratings in addition to your Activity Form and members are then selected.
  4. What are the characteristics that are considered for membership?
    Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.
  5. What is considered Leadership?
    Being an officer in a club or organization; fulfilling the role of captain or co-captain on a team; exercising positive influence on peers in upholding school ideals and spirit; demonstrating initiative in forming groups or helping with fundraising; contributing ideas that improve the civic life of the school; exemplifying a positive attitude; etc. Evidence of Leadership should show effectiveness and consistency.
  6. What is considered under Service?
    Service which is done on behalf of others without direct financial compensation. Service during the high school years is considered. Current NHS members much complete 30 hours of service per school year. Service is a major consideration for membership. Evidence of Service should be consistent and varied.
  7. How is Character rated?
    This is the most difficult criterion to define. All judgments in this and other selection criteria should be free of speculation and rumor. We use the Six Pillars of Character (from ). Included are: previous discipline referral, and feedback from teachers.
  8. Download NHS Selection Criteria Revised.docx

For more information contact Mrs. Cole-Pardun or Ms. Howard or look on the National Honor Society website